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The new party registration policy set in place for all Cal Poly greek organizations restricts when and where parties are held, as well as what alcohol can be present.

Brooke Sperbeck
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1. What a party is
A party is anything that occurs at a chapter or satellite house, during a greek event, in any situation sponsored by the chapter or any event an observer would associate with the chapter.

2. When parties must be registered
All parties with fewer than 100 people must be registered at least five business days beforehand, and parties with more than 100 people must be registered at least 10 business days in advance.

3. What’s on the paperwork
Registration paperwork for parties will include the date, time, location, description and purpose of the party, a risk management policy and the expected number of guests.

4. Where parties can be
All off-campus parties must be at the chapter facility, a registered satellite house or at a contracted third-party venue.

5. When parties can be
Parties on school nights are not allowed. They must end by 1 a.m. and can’t last longer than 5 hours.

6. Who can be at parties
All parties must be closed events, with guest lists finalized 24 hours before the party.

7. Who can drink at parties
Guests will be checked from the list and required to show proof of age and identity when they arrive. Those 21 and older must have wristbands to drink, but anyone who is visibly intoxicated when they arrive must be turned away. No underage drinking is allowed.

8. What’s not allowed
Kegs, handles, cases of beer and other large volumes of alcohol are not allowed. Hard alcohol, beer bongs, shots, drinking games and other activities that “encourage inappropriate drinking” behaviors are also banned.

9. What booze you can bring
Students 21 and up can bring no more than a six-pack of 12-oz. beers or one bottle of wine.

10. If someone’s in trouble
A chapter that acts responsibly in getting an individual medical attention will receive amnesty if it’s determined the individual didn’t have access to alcohol at the event.

11. If someone breaks the rules
If chapters don’t follow the policy, they will receive a warning for the first violation, a meeting with the dean for the second and social suspension for the third.