Maggie Kaiserman
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1. Engineers Without Borders (EWB) booth


Industrial engineering freshman Fiona Blackburn is a member of EWB, and she said they are raising awareness about food shortages in Malawi.

“We have a project team working in Malawi, Africa, and currently their major food source is corn, which they have to hand-dry and kernel, and hand-grind the corn,” Blackburn said. “So what we are working on now is a bike-powered grinding machine.”

2. A Cal Poly student’s handmade knives


Materials engineering senior Aaron Ludlow got most of the material to make his tools from a friend’s old car.

3. Cal Poly’s liberal arts and engineering studies


Liberal arts and engineering studies students brought an interactive paper prism display that allowed participants to add to it.

4. Materials Engineering Student Societies booth


Representing the College of Engineering, students had interactive learning materials for kids.

5. Demonstrations


There was a binary dance and chemistry magic show on the main stage.

6. How to make skateboards from scratch


The Pacific Beach High School Skateboard Builders showed how they take maple or bamboo wood decks and laminate them to make longboards and skateboards.

7. Make-a-robot station


All the supplies to make a robot were provided by the South County Family Education and Cultural Center.

8. 3-D printers


Demonstrations of how a 3-D printer works allowed viewers to watch designs come to life.

 9. Solar-heated kettle and bacon


Visitors learned how solar energy is converted to make water boil and cook bacon.

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