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Residents in Cedar Creek Village near campus saw this sign Thursday warning them to keep nightlife under control.

Benjy Egel and Sean McMinn
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The Cedar Creek Village Homeowner’s Association put its residents on notice today — follow the rules, or else.

The association posted flyers on residents’ doors Thursday in the condominium complex near campus known for its crowded nightlife. The signs announced increased security with private staff and police.

“Arrests will be made,” the signs read. “Citations and fines will be issued. NO WARNINGS will be issued, this is your warning.”

Eight private security officers will be stationed at Cedar Creek Thursday night and beyond, up from the two that were there during Cal Poly’s Week of Welcome (WOW), said Larry Smyth, the owner of Farrell Smyth Real Estate. Smyth’s company manages the Cedar Creek Village Homeowner’s Association, and Smyth said the activity there this past weekend was “out of control.”

“There’s a lot of access, and people do tend to wander about and come onto private property uninvited,” Smyth said. “And they’re looking for either a party, or trouble or both.”

Cedar Creek’s first level common area, often referred to as “The Jungle,” attracted partygoers and police throughout WOW.

Smyth said residents in Cedar Creek saw two doors kicked in, several fire extinguishers discharged and multiple fights and arrests. At one point, Smyth said, a group attacked a police officer who was in the area.

One apartment received a $700 fine from the City of San Luis Obispo, Smyth added, and others received warnings.

Business administration sophomore Clayton Dolan said his apartment roof had served as an unwelcome diving board into the complex’s swimming pool. Dolan was entering his apartment when he saw the first jumper take flight.

“We pulled up in my car, we were walking along, and all of a sudden this giant figure came flying over our heads jumping into the pool,” Dolan said.

Dolan’s second-story roof is approximately 15 feet above the pool. He and his roommates face a $2,000 fine if someone is caught jumping off their roof, and the person in question will receive a similar penalty, he said.

Students have been jumping off Cedar Creek roofs for years, and one compilation of jumpers from 2000 is posted to YouTube. The video has more than 1,000 views.

While the apartment complex has a reputation for partying, Dolan said he was surprised how relaxed the residents who moved in this year are.

“There’s been some partying and stuff going on,” he said. “They call it ‘The Jungle’ for a reason. But for the most part, it’s been pretty mellow and mild compared to past years.”