Colombini makes the grade

Maggie Kaiserman/Mustang News

“One quarter in, ASI President Jason Colombini is living up to his campaign process. He has been as accessible and personable as he was during his run for office.”

Mustang News Editorial Board

In a Facebook status earlier this week, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President Jason Colombini gave a peek into his life as a regular college student.

“Completed my second all nighter of college… Is it possible to be both wired and tired at the same time? Yes, yes it is.”

But the agricultural business senior isn’t a regular college student, and his all-nighter wasn’t the result of just homework. He’s responsible for dealing with student complaints, policy recommendations, town-and-gown relations and a slew of other things as ASI president.

One quarter in, Jason Colombini is living up to his campaign process. He has been as accessible and personable as he was during his run for office.

To start, he’s fulfilled his explicit promises to forego the perks that come with being ASI president. His reserved parking spot remains vacant, and he didn’t take the academic priority rotation granted to ASI leaders, according to executive cabinet member and political science senior Joi Sullivan.

Working with Colombini on a near-daily basis, Sullivan said the president brings a more student-driven focus to his agenda than his predecessors.

“That, to me, is huge,” Sullivan said. “One of his favorite questions to ask in executive cabinet meetings is what’s in the rumor mill. He wants to know what students are thinking.”

Colombini’s not just relying on ASI officials to get an idea of the campus pulse —  unlike some past presidents, he’s holding specific office hours three times a week.

In addition, Colombini’s been a leader in driving discussions regarding alcohol policies, student fees and even issues unpopular in administration, such as the campus skateboarding ban. His campaign message of being a president that represents the students carried over through his first quarter, and it’s something that will hopefully continue until his term expires in June.

But don’t let that priority lure you into only tackling the easy issues, Mr. President. Beyond skateboarding and alcohol, there are finance and student affairs issues that have lasting and wide-reaching effects for students today and in the future. The semester vs. quarter debate, for example, appears to have more wiggle room than previously thought, and it is your job to ensure policymakers hear the student voice during those discussions.

Keep fighting the good fight for the students, but don’t lose sight of the bigger issues as they arrive.

This represents the opinion of the Mustang News editorial board, which includes J.J. Jenkins, Carly Rickards, Sean McMinn and Olivia DeGennaro.

  • Gus

    When called out at the forum about the racist party, he did not stand up and say anything. Pretty disappointing for our “student leader” I must say

    • theDUDE

      Shouldn’t be surprising… he also supports selective membership in clubs utilizing university-resources and rallied to get rid of deferred rushing. But, these are the “leaders” you get when everyone capable is busy doing something more important. That ASI survey should be indicative of his reign; clearly no thought went into it’s design, the are results largely useless in comparing trade-offs, and –to top it off– those results were horribly reported with a thousand pie charts. This boy supports fraternities, not students.