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  1. Robert says:

    Once again, embarrassingly inaccurate reporting by the Mustang News!

    While it’s understood a student newspaper is prone to making mistakes, it would seem accurately reporting simple facts, especially today with the plethora of information available within a couple of clicks on the Internet, has never been easier to achieve in support of quality journalism.

    Is Cal Poly the least diverse public university in the State of California as the Mustang News has reported in multiple articles? A little research confirms that statement is not even close to being accurate.

    – Cal State LA is 65% Hispanic but only 6.5% white. A quick check of the math confirms CSULA is much LESS diverse than Cal Poly

    – Cal State Dominguez Hills has a student body that’s also 65% Hispanic. See comment above

    – UC Davis is 61% women and over 50% Asian. It would seem having one gender outnumber another is another example of lack of diversity

    – UC Irvine is more than 50% Asian but only 16% white

    – UC Riverside is more than 75% Hispanic and Asian but only 12% white. Diverse or not diverse based on the state’s ethnic profile? You make the call.

    – Cal State Northridge is 51% Hispanic and considered diverse but Cal Poly at 55% white is not? Huh?!?!?!?

    Bottom line, inaccurate reporting is truly a form of “fake news” and the Mustang Daily team should keep that in mind before publishing any article.

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