The MMG Advertising team is made up of 10–15 student consultants of majors ranging from Marketing to Biology to Finance. We are here to help on-campus organizations, off-campus businesses, and national corporations reach the constantly expanding Cal Poly community of students, faculty, and parents. Our outlets include the weekly Mustang News paper, rack signs, mustangnews.net, and social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

If you have a message for Cal Poly to hear, we are the number one way to spread the word. Contact us at advertising@mustangnews.net and we will have an advertising consultant guide you through delivering your message from start to finish.

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Native Advertising

Mustang News now offers digital sponsored content as advertising opportunity. Our in-house native advertising team collaborates with your business to create original, custom content that engages audiences in ways traditional ads can’t. 

What is Native Advertising? Find out here.

Examples of Native Advertising

Native ad example

When it comes to he type of content we produce, there are no limits. We can create everything from traditional written stories to videos, quizzes, infographics and other multimedia stories. Our native advertising team is compromised of digital storytellers who choose the platform (or create a new one) that works best for each brand.

How it works

Our Mission

MMG sponsored content will:

  • Help brands engage with audiences in ways traditional ads can’t
  • Maintain the ethical and quality standards of Mustang News’ editorial content
  • Be informative stories, first and foremost
  • Avoid blatant self-promotion and excessive marketing speak
  • Be clearly and appropriately labeled so our readers know what is an as and what isn’t
  • Not be published if all of the above aren’t accomplished


Student spending habits

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Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.06.05 AM

Summary of visitor spending

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Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.33.09 PM
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