Noise ordinances: fair to students or targeting the college population?

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  1. Brandon says:

    It’s real sad that it has come to this, but I don’t see any way this Nazi-like enforcement will diminish. The fine amounts are INSANE, why not require something like community service hours instead of fines, or something along those lines that is NOT monetary based and helps the community? I’m sure a “fine” of 20 community service hours would suffice to deter the loud noise, but at least something GOOD comes out of it.

  2. Educated says:

    Most Misdemeanors Have the option of paying by “community service”. Usually is equates to $10/hr. So, $500 fine would be 50 hours of work. What’s really the cause for concern here is that the SLO PD say they enforce all calls for noise complaints whether family bbqs or student gatherings. However, they don’t specifically patrol family neighborhoods like they do the streets around campus. It’s almost like fishing. I would like to see statistics on noise violations that were called in compared to violations that were fished for by patrolling. I feel like that statistic is WAY more relevant to compare how the student community is treated against the familial community.

  3. Katherine says:

    Where were the students concerned about this when the City Council was discussing this? It passed unanimously without opposition from any of the students and now they are only caring about it only when it gets enforced?

    Now, I’m am against all kinds of profiling, if that it indeed the truth (since there were no statistics cited), but people complaining about that there being an ordinance at all should have started complaining a long time ago, to the right people, and stood in opposition to it’s passing.

  4. JE says:

    In 10-15 years when many of you have settled down, bought a house and started your own families, I’m sure many of your opinions will change dramatically. The noise at night is insufferable and truly impacts the quality of life many of your neighbors. The amount of trash and destruction left throughout the neighborhood is criminal. The vomit on our sidewalks, the smell of urine on the side of our houses, the odor of beer, the broken bottles, the transients that follow in your wake, collecting your garbage … it all adds up. Today, it’s about you and your desire to party. Tomorrow, it’ll be about your family, your real estate investments, your kid’s health and schooling …

    1. Jimmy Jones says:

      here’s a concept that works: don’t move into a college town and live in the areas that college students live! brilliant I know right?

      quit being such a snob and move to los osos

    2. Jay says:

      Don’t move your family to the ONE part of town where loud noise and parties occur. The real estate prices in the 1 mile radius from campus are so jacked up any ways I don’t know why a family would want to live there in the first place.

    3. Brandon says:

      Did you attend college? What did you do when you were at college?

      And as for “trash and destruction left throughout the neighborhood”, what specific location are you speaking of? I’ve never seen a trash problem from students other than on their own property.

      You make it sound like there’s a monster roaming the streets causing mass chaos and leaving puke everywhere

    4. Mark says:

      Though it may be a little late, this reply may serve a later inquiry (such as mine).

      For all the respondents to this post: You have quite a deluded social perspective! This person can live wherever s/he wants! Living in a “College” town (a misnomer) is NOT in violation of any law or ordinance; excessive noise, unruly behavior and civil disturbances DO violate laws and ordinances! This person may work near by, may have been there for years (before the ‘infestation’ of deviant behavior escalated) and may not be able to easily sell this house in the current economy or may have other circumstances (access to commuter services) which are, quite frankly, none of your business. Get over your attitude of entitlement! They are not the problem, your behavior is! These classic neutralization techniques are tiresome and transparent. You are responsible for this behavior – Own It! Telling someone they should move or should not live there at all because you WANT to behave the way you want is selfish, childish and a completely socially inept perspective. Why don’t you move? On-campus! Your “College” behavior should fit right in there!

  5. Dan says:

    If they dropped the drinking age to 18, people would go downtown where everybody else is. The “forbidden fruit” factor goes away (for people 18 and over).

    Also, how many decibels of noise do you need to have in order to hear a sound over the property limit? It seems pretty arbitrary at this point. If they had to have proof that a certain decibel level has been reached, it might be a little bit fairer. However, cops carrying around decibel meters would just increase the police state.

  6. Andrea says:

    Hi my name is Andrea I live in the Wineman Hotel in San Luis Obisp,CA I was sleeping and a lot of screaming and and yelling I heard from the Black Sheep Bar on Choro St in down town San Luis Obispo, The customers of the Bar woke me up at 1:45 Am and I live on 849 Higuera St apt 330. What number would I call for noise violation.

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