Polyratings reopened

Polyratings.com, the site on which Cal Poly students can rate their instructors and view other students’ ratings has been reopened at calpolyratings.com. The site was inaccessible starting in late summer.

The new site has a fresh slate for new teacher reviews and has the old reviews from Polyratings in an archive. It is the same format as the old site, so it is possible that the old domain expired.

The closed site caused a stir on message boards and Facebook. Students registering for classes were unable to use the tool to check out their possible teachers and were upset at the loss.

In a previous Mustang Daily article J. Paul Reed, who managed the site since 2001, said that he was thinking of shutting down the site because there was no one left to manage it. Reed now works for Mozilla Corporation and has his hands full with other responsibilities.

Reed, a former student himself, also feels he has lost contact with the Cal Poly community.

“I really think you need someone who has a local context for things,” he said. “That’s what I think Polyratings is lacking most right now – I haven’t been part of the campus community for three years now, so I don’t have a good pulse on what’s going on.”

The original site was opened in 2002 by two Cal Poly students.

The Mustang Daily tried to contact Reed and Forrest Lanning, a co-founder of the site, but they did not respond. Multiple students contacted the Daily and expressed interest in taking over the site.


We’ve launched http://www.slostudents.com It’s not just another teacher ratings site but a tool for success.

In regards to calpolyratings duplicating polyratings. I have to say it’s really shameful that someone took the time to rip the site off. I don’t know the exact circumstances but they did hide the domain ownership so I would assume they know what they did was not kosher.

I feel bad for Forrest and the rest of the team as there’s nothing much that they can do about it. The users have to decide and I’m sure most don’t know what happened.

Regardless, check out SLO Students.

Forrest Lanning says:

We don’t endorse this new Polyratings site, it’s a compete rip off of our hard work without our permission. (the original) Polyratings.com is going back.

Forrest (co-founder/creator of Polyratings.com)

Ryan says:

Paul Reed did not stop the site because “he was thinking of shutting down the site because there was no one left to manage it. Reed now works for Mozilla Corporation and has his hands full with other responsibilities.” I was in contact with Paul about PolyRatings once and he said that incompatibilities with MySQL 5.0 and Polyrating coding were the main factor that the site is currently down. He said if those issues could be solved PolyRatings could be back up.

Donald says:

Unfortunately, Paul, not all of us are at liberty to just walk into a class and “suck it up.” Had I known about some of my professors’ teaching styles and course work load (yes, I admit, PolyRatings does not always provide accurate information, but more than not it has greatly helped me pick the better professors in some quarters prior) I would have been able to avoid some serious problems.

Paul says:

Please do not rely on Polyratings! Whether you like it or not, you’re going to end up with a bad professor sooner or later. I admit, I have scanned the website, but I’ve noticed that there are mainly two different types of students who post on the website: those who really liked their professor, and those who really loathed him/her, and both can sometimes appear for the same professor. It’s much better to go into a class expecting anything than pre-judge what the professor will be like. So suck it up, register for the class with a positive attitude, and if times get rough, YOU fix it. You’re in college; you have the ability to make this problem better.