Northrop Grumman CEO on hand for dedication of cyber security lab

The lab has three rooms, 32 workstations, projectors and a presentation center.

Cal Poly working toward lower unit counts

Zach Maher/Mustang News Cal Poly has been working toward reducing unit counts as much as possible, Associate Vice Provost for Programs and Planning Mary Pedersen said. Suha Saya [follow id=”suhasaya”] Cal Poly’s effort to decrease unit counts and increase graduation…

Application spikes across Cal States

The CSU school system saw a jump of 2 percent from last year’s number of applicants.

Administration says over-enrollment isn't the problem

While many are concerned about over-enrollment at Cal Poly, some believe that should be the least of worries.

Poly Planner isn’t predictive scheduling

While the phrase ‘predictive scheduling’ has been used around campus to describe Poly Planner’s future use, University Registrar Cem Sunata clarified that it’s neither going to be predictive nor directly scheduling. “It’s course demand analysis, nothing else,” Sunata said. Faculty…

Admin: Cal Poly's increase in applicants only good

“This increase in applications in no way has a negative impact,” Maraviglia said. “It just makes the admission process more selective.”

Cal Poly preparing to offer summer classes

The cost is $289 per unit for undergraduates and $319 for graduates or those seeking credentialing.

Drought leaving problems in its wake for Cal Poly agriculture

Cal Poly is planning to meet with city and water officials about the university’s water usage in the next few months.

New priority registration system in the works

Cal Poly is working toward giving students a registration time slot based on how many units they’ve earned and dropping priority registration altogether.

Cal Poly hits record number of applicants for Fall 2014

Undergraduate applications increased roughly 10 percent from last year, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment and Marketing James Maraviglia said.

Writing and Rhetoric Center hopes to widen its scope

The Writing and Rhetoric Center plans to expand its services to help students communicate on different platforms, not just with writing.