]We are planning an event that promotes our breakfast club music programming, our KCPR news hour, our print product (it is scheduled for every distribution day), and if users want free coffee/promotional items they need to engage with us on social media.

The event will include partnering with coffee distributors from the area to giveaway drinks if students follow us on social media. Then we will have two booths, one for MMG and one with a live KCPR DJ playing music and taking student requests in the UU (the first hour of the event will consist of live streaming KCPR news 9-10).

We will be passing out the new print product to students walking by and having them engage with us on socials in order to hopefully enter giveaways. This will be branded as “The Breakfast Club” and will support the idea that people read their newspaper, while listening to the radio and drinking their morning coffee. We are having both MN and KCPR design teams design stickers and other merchandise to eventually sell at these events.