Ryan Chartrand

In response to George’s letter to the editor appearing on Jan. 22: Arabs are indeed a part of the Semitic people group. However, anti-Semitic is defined in the dictionary as hatred towards Jews. Not because Jews are the only Semites, but because the word originated in Germany in the late 1800s in order to give Jew-hating a more scientific name. You can argue that the term itself does not make any sense, but that does not mean there is no anti-Jewish propaganda in the Arab world.

Also, we never said Israel had no responsibility in the Arab-Israeli conflict. However, we do feel compelled to voice our points of view.

I can appreciate your point about responding to rockets with machine guns. But remember, getting hit in the head with a rock can cause serious damage! And would you suggest Israeli soldiers pelt Palestinians with rocks as a response, or that they send suicide bombers to Palestinian cities? I do not think that an attacker has the right to dictate how the other person should respond, and Israel should not apologize for having a strong army. If it did not, there would not be any Israel.

Zachary Goldstein

mechanical engineering senior

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