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McDonald has big plans for architecture department

Cal Poly professor Margot McDonald was named the interim head of the architecture department within the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) in August.

Candlelight vigil honors four students

Cal Poly will honor deceased students Greg Inamori, Kyle Rhodes, Weston Crowe and Luke Powers in a candlelight vigil Monday at 6 p.m. at Julian A. McPhee University Union, university spokesperson Matt Lazier said.

Colombini announces three main goals for school year

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President Jason Colombini has three main items on his to-do list: grow and develop ASI Student Government, engage Cal Poly with the surrounding community and effectively represent all students.

CFA bargains for first pay raise in six years

The California Faculty Association (CFA) and California State University (CSU) amended their Collective Bargaining Agreement on Aug. 26, raising faculty’s pay for the first time in six years.

Making the transition, learning the ropes

Transitioning from high school to college means less regimented schedules and parental supervision.
The people, nature and activities in San Luis Obispo make Cal Poly great, but can also make studying difficult, Student Life and Leadership Coordinator Adrienne Miller said.

The do’s and don’ts of WOW nightlife

Benjy Egel is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily columnist.
Many fraternities, apartment complexes and upperclassmen will be holding parties during Week of Welcome (WOW), where new Mustangs will be invited to celebrate entering college life.

Breaking down Kennedy Library floor by floor

Aside from classrooms and bathrooms, the Robert E. Kennedy Library is perhaps Cal Poly’s most useful building.

Cal Poly student dies in ocean off Montaña de Oro

Biomedical engineering rising senior Stefan Wagner was officially declared dead Friday after disappearing into the waters of Montaña de Oro State Park one day earlier, Cal Poly administrators wrote in an email to campus Saturday.

Wagner dove into Spooner’s Cove — where currents twist and turn among crashing waves — against the wishes of his friends, The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported. When he failed to resurface, his friends called 911.

Baseball walks off with series sweep

Just when the baseball team needed it most, true freshman Brian Mundell came through again on Sunday afternoon.

Diversity is still an issue between the lines

If 13.1 percent of the United States is black, how many of Cal Poly’s 17,680-person undergraduate student body identifies the same way? 2,000? 1,000? 500?

Benefits go beyond the lines

Forget the steroids stories and cheating scandals — sports are a good thing. From badminton to basketball, there are benefits in every game. Team sports in particular build physical, mental and emotional health.