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Get your fix of comfort food at Splash Café Seafood and Grill

When I first moved to San Luis Obispo, the restaurant that kept being recommended to me was Splash Café. So naturally, a friend and I visited downtown over the weekend to see what we could eat there.

Habit Burger proves satisfactory and worth price

Along with the many unique and diverse restaurants that downtown San Luis Obispo has to offer, there is also the satisfying convenience of having ordinary fast food restaurants. The Habit Burger Grill is just one example of those fast food restaurants that satiates the basic burger craving everyone has once from time to time.

Louisa’s Place lives up to hype

As a college student, it is often difficult to juggle early classes and make time for a complete meal every morning. But after hearing positive reviews from friends and seeing advertisements boasting the best breakfast in San Luis Obispo, a friend and I decided to head to Louisa’s Place and treat ourselves to a full, delicious breakfast.

MoTav satisfies despite spicy dish

Maggie Kaiserman/Mustang News “Making smart and informed decisions while ordering will make any meal at Mo|Tav more wholesome and tastier.” Kristine Xu [follow id=”kristiners”] Kristine Xu is a journalism freshman and Mustang News food columnist. After passing by this restaurant…

Giuseppe’s, a restaurant for Italian authenticity and a hearty appetite

After concluding that we both craved Italian food, a friend and I decided to hop on the bus and take a spontaneous trip downtown for dinner. We walked a short distance from the bus stop to a small Italian restaurant located in an alleyway off of Monterey Street.

Cozy up with a latte and cronut at Kreuzberg, CA

With autumn in full swing, I suddenly developed an insatiable craving for warm coffee and sugary pastries. As if on cue, my appetite knew it was that time of year again for seasonal drinks and indulgent desserts. My coffee shop of choice: Kreuzberg, CA.

MyThai, affordable for the quality

With the stress of midterms fast approaching and school work piling up, going out to eat was the perfect excuse to take a break. I invited a group of friends to enjoy a warm and filling meal before we dove into another busy week.

Japanese restaurant Goshi sets mood for special occasion

As I was nearing my third week at school and desperately missing my regular sushi trips, my friends and I decided to pile into a car and head downtown to indulge in some authentic Japanese cuisine.

Sally Loo’s serves up ‘cozy appeal’

As fun as sit-down restaurants are, nothing beats a simple meal at a local café. One of those gems that I had the pleasure of visiting was Sally Loo’s Wholesome Cafe, just one of many small, organic restaurants in town that aim to serve healthy, local and organic coffee shop goods to the railroad district and greater San Luis Obispo area.