As an Asian student, or even as an Asian person, I take great offense at the title of today’s staff commentary comic, “The Yellow Scare.” It is crude and offensive to use such an insult when talking about Asian people and cultures. I hoped that this had died out after World War II, when my entire family was placed in American internment camps just for being Japanese. I am very upset that a college newspaper would find it appropriate to run such a thing, just to get a few laughs. I bet you would never dare to run something that said “The Negro scare,” “The Chink scare” or any other derogatory name for a group of people; at least I hope you wouldn’t.

Oh, and by the way, maybe you should look at the international issue of Chinese workers who are unable to feed themselves or their families when working in these factories for more than 20 hours a day and being exposed to more lead and hazardous chemicals than we will ever be.

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