There is an ageless stereotype that says college students are terrible drivers, and I would like to extend this to parking as well. Last week I attempted to park on campus at 9:20 a.m. in the last empty spot in G1. On one side was a compact Volvo, parked nicely and evenly between the lines. On the other side was a minivan whose passengerside tires were completely covering the line. After backing my Civic in and out five or six times, I finally managed to park between the cars with about six inches on either side. I believe there are a few solutions to this problem. First, if you want to take up two parking spots, fine – if you buy two parking permits. Second, take an extra 20 seconds to back out and straighten out your car. An extra 20 seconds will not make you late to class, but it will make the person who parks next to you appreciate you. Finally and most logically, if you can’t park correctly, don’t drive to school.

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