Ryan Chartrand

I am writing in response to the numerous, amazingly similar letters sent to the editor on Friday, Sept. 28, 2007. If you read one, you have basically read them all.

My first suggestion is to stop whining about sitting in a remedial English class for, at most, an hour a day. You were placed in that building with that time slot because you are at the bottom of the academic hierarchy. I’m sure most of you had good “inflated” grades in high school (or had a mail order diploma with a great GPA to get into Cal Poly), but when it came to standardized placement tests you got shafted.

Secondly, the money you are spending at this fine learning institution is distributed to everything you see around you (including Baker’s salary). You are already getting a discounted education thanks to state funding all while living on the beautiful, yet expensive Central Coast. The new construction will help the longterm reputation of Cal Poly for having excellent learning facilities, and you may have a degree from this school someday when you can benefit from that reputation.

As for the bathroom situation, I propose a few solutions to your dilemma. You can:

a.) Hold it for an hour.

b.) Do what I do: just shit your pants, then blame it on the girl sitting in front of you.

c.) Get a colostomy bag.

Yes, it sucks that you have to learn in these conditions, but your class is the only one that seems to care, and frankly, your class doesn’t count.

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