As we sit in the Engineering West building, all I can begin to say is “ridiculous.” Should students at the “crown jewel” of the CSU system be subjected to a Third World learning environment? Why should students have to deal with caution tape in the halls, workers carving into the walls like its Halloween, and not one bathroom in sight for at least another three buildings over. We shouldn’t be subjected to this chaos! Is our remedial class supposed to include this noise and torture? Our parents, and even some students are paying for college tuition at this “crown jewel” of the CSU system.

Instead of learning, our ears and brains are not just filled with English lectures, but other foreign languages as well. Believe me, we aren’t trying to learn Spanish slang during an English class. So let me guess, your solution would be to close the door, right? Well, yes, that seems like a perfect solution to the problem, until you realize you’re like a fish out of water, sucking every last breath of air, because there is no ventilation in the room. Nor is there a window where we can watch little birds flutter around trees or perch on branches.

Get my point? Come to mention it, why wasn’t this done over summer? Does the school not have enough money to fix the “dorm room” classrooms that we were given? Drilling, hammering, scraping. Drilling, hammering, scraping. Lather, rinse and repeat. So when will you give us a break? We would like to learn so we can pass our class. Now would be a great time to start.

Chelsea McAllister
English freshman

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