I found Angus Cannon’s article, “The truth behind terrorism” exceedingly disturbing. How can you say, Angus, that Muslims are a threat to the United States and “out to destroy you and your loved ones”? I have known numerous people who call themselves Muslim in my lifetime, including students on this Cal Poly’s campus, and never have any of them portrayed ANY inkling of such hate. To be honest with you, Angus, I think the single largest threat to those of us living in the United States is ignorance. Plain and simple. Your blind statements regarding the supposed hate that Muslims possess and the destruction they seek breed hate. Muslims are our classmates, our professors, and our neighbors. How dare you generalize them as the enemy. Especially as an economics student, Angus, I encourage you to expand your horizons and actually get to know some people who call themselves Muslim. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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