Ryan Chartrand

Why should students at the “crown jewel” of the CSU system be subjected to Third World learning conditions and environments? When we pay lots of money to come to an institution to learn in a safe, clean and comfortable environment, our minds should not be distracted by the classroom conditions in the Engineering West building.

Right now we are distracted by loud noises coming from the room next door that has been transformed into a construction site with hammers, power drills and other noises I can’t identify. Additionally, there are no windows in our classroom or proper air conditioning. When we are forced to close the door because of outside noises, our classroom becomes an oven. Putting 15 to 20 people in a classroom with a maximum capacity of 24 people that has no air flowage becomes very uncomfortable!

Then comes the bathroom situation: There are currently no bathrooms in the building and this a health risk for anyone with a bladder problem or irritable bowel syndrome. We need bathrooms and a quiet, comfortable place to study. We shouldn’t have to ask for it; it should be expected just as teachers expect us to complete our homework. After all, we are paying $17,000 a year to come to Cal Poly so shouldn’t we expect to get our money’s worth?

Kaylene Maize
Agriculture science freshman

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