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Everything you need to know about the mayoral candidates:

San Luis Obispo Mayoral Debate

The live debate on Oct. 27 covered issues ranging from protests in San Luis Obispo to how the city will handle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The candidates were given seven questions each with a minute and a half to respond and thirty seconds to provide a rebuttal for each question.

Meet the four candidates running for San Luis Obispo mayor

The seat for San Luis Obispo’s mayor is up for election, with four candidates fighting for the spot. San Luis Obispo residents can vote for a mayoral candidate in the upcoming Nov. 3 election. Students can vote in this election if they are registered to vote with an off-campus San Luis Obispo address. The election…

Everything you need to know about the City Council candidates:

Meet the eight candidates running for two city council seats

This story was updated on Oct. 19 with new information from local activist Tianna Arata in response to claims made by Abrianna Torres. Two seats on the San Luis Obispo City Council are up for election Nov. 3. City Council is composed of the elected mayor and four council members. The council sets the policies…

Everything you need to know about the City Council candidates:

Cal Poly students consider affirmative action

This year, California voters have an opportunity to revive affirmative action in the state. With the growing push for diversity on campus, the Cal Poly community is weighing whether or not it’s an opportunity worth taking. In 1996, Californians passed Proposition 209 — a ban on affirmative action in public employment and education, which prohibited…