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How collaboration manifests amongst different bands in the SLO music scene when they need it most

When the weekend arrives for Cal Poly students, it doesn’t take long before small venues and houses become energized with the mutually encouraged liveliness of band-fan interaction. Commonly recognized as “house shows,” these events have been gaining traction as a key way for students to connect with one another by means of musical stimulation, while […]

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We are… Awkward Silence

At one point or another, everyone dreams of becoming a rock star. The excitement of being on stage, having adoring fans and making music is all part of the appeal of being a musician. For most, this fantasy will remain just that: a fantasy. However, for six fourteen-year-old boys, this dream is a reality.  The […]

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Roller Skating pop-up “SLORoll” brings family-friendly roller skating rinks to San Luis Obispo

Audio by Presley Allen Shauna Gustuson grew up playing sports, riding horses and motorcycles, it wasn’t until about 12 years ago, that she became interested in roller-skating.  After discovering this new passion, Gustuson founded SLORoll, a non-profit organization that aims to provide communities with safe spaces to roller skate, do fitness classes and more. SLORoll […]

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“Playing in Unison”: A new documentary about the history behind the Performing Arts Center

On April 23, the Foundation of the Performing Arts Center hosted a red carpet premiere for the Performing Arts Center’s (PAC) new documentary, “Playing in Unison.”  The night included a few surprises for the guests in attendance, including a new fundraising campaign and an “enchanted oasis” for students and staff to enjoy. There were many […]