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False positive students in isolation say it was a “jarring experience”

On Jan. 23, environmental management and protection sophomore Tess McIntyre was convinced her positive COVID-19 test result was a mistake.  “It was really stressful when my results first came back,” McIntyre said. “I had no idea where I could have gotten it, and I was very surprised.” McIntyre was asymptomatic and her roommates and friends […]

Posted inCOVID-19

Students, staff see gaps in LGBTQ+ care due to pandemic

At the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year, the University Health Center began providing comprehensive LGBTQ+ medical and mental health services that are critical for some students. One such student was Cal Poly alumn Autumn Ford, who at the time, emphasized the importance of having a safe space for students to access care — without having to worry about it being “taken away” from them.