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Cal Poly students respond to a potential COVID-19 vaccine

With the potential for a COVID-19 vaccine making headlines, some students said they would take it, and others said they wouldn’t.  Moderna, a biotechnology company, and Pfizer, a pharmaceutical corporation, have both published studies showing the effectiveness of their vaccines, but some Cal Poly students said they fear that the vaccine has been rushed.  Many students say that they will take a […]

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With no open isolation beds, Cal Poly isolates some students at downtown hotel

Following a spike in COVID-19 cases in University Housing, Cal Poly began isolating students with the coronavirus off-campus late last week, according to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier.   Cal Poly moved 20 students to isolate off-campus last week, but Lazier said that the university cannot confirm where students are isolating due to “privacy concerns.” Some Cal […]

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Cal Poly is isolating COVID-positive students in Cerro Vista — but officials haven’t told residents

“It takes Cal Poly a very long time to actually tell us what is going on — usually about a day,” Martinez said. “That really just destroys people’s mental health.”Martinez added that the lack of communication and the time it takes for the university to inform students has been frustrating for him.“It takes Cal Poly […]

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Dorm life during COVID-19 as a Cal Poly student athlete

Before COVID-19, every Cal Poly freshman was required to share a dorm room with another student. However, students this year lives alone in their respective rooms.  Almost every Cal Poly freshman student-athlete has been assigned their own dorm room in the yakʔitʸutʸu residence halls, according to freshman guard Camren Pierce from Men’s Basketball.  “This dorm […]