Sheriff still investigating 1996 disappearance of freshman Kristin Smart

The last time anyone saw Kristin Smart was in 1996, when the then-Cal Poly freshman walked back toward her dorm after an off-campus party and mysteriously went missing.

One of two suspects identified in shooting of Cal Poly student

The San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s office has filed charges against Castro Valley resident Brian Thomas Gonzales for being an accessory in the November shooting of former football player and current fifth-year student Geoffrey Hyde.

14 arrested, 6 hospitalized during Steve Aoki concert

Six of those arrested and five sent to the emergency room were Cal Poly students.

Extra DUI patrols for Super Bowl Sunday

San Luis Obispo County plans to deploy special DUI saturation points throughout the county on Super Bowl Sunday.

Behind the booze: Party arrests and violations by the numbers

SLOPD data gives insight into the not-so-pretty side of the San Luis Obispo party scene.

SLOPD: 5 Cal Poly rugby players involved in January assault

The victim told officers in charge of the investigation that the players punched him and hit him with bottles as well, Staley said.

Cal Poly sexual assault reporting rate among lowest in California

“My first reaction is that (these statistics) give a false sense of what the reality is,” Safer coordinator Christina Kaviani said.

Police arrest hit and run driver

The San Luis Obispo Police Department arrested resident Dina Yassin for involvement in a recent hit-and-run.

Hit and run at Tank Farm Road

A 68-year-old bicyclist sustained moderate injuries in a hit-and-run Wednesday near Tank Farm road.

Rugby’s suspension lifted, some members still under investigation

The team-wide suspension on the Cal Poly rugby club team, implemented last week after a few members allegedly committed assault, has been lifted.

Two skaters, two viewpoints

While both Daniel Lomayesva and Dylan Schuyler share a passion for skateboarding, their opinions on a proposed revision of Cal Poly’s skateboarding ban are more complicated.