Poinsettias aplenty

Cal Poly poinsettia project students will host an open house at the Poly Plant Shop on Friday and Saturday.

Poinsettias are in full bloom and ready to be taken home. With about 3,000 plants and 29 varieties, there are plenty to choose from. All range in color and size with unique names like “Jingle Bells” and “Kris Kringle.

Jamba Juice warns of contaminated fruit in smoothies

San Francisco-based beverage chain Jamba Juice said Tuesday that several of its chain stores located along the West Coast might have used contaminated strawberries in late November.

According to Jamba Juice, a business that originated in San Luis Obispo, one of its suppliers, Cleugh’s Frozen Foods, notified the company last week that routine testing in a Salinas food processing center found that its frozen strawberries tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes, a potentially harmful bacteria.

Former professor goes Belgian or bust

Move over French fries. Belgian fries have arrived in San Luis Obispo.

Cal Poly emeritus philosophy professor Fred O’Toole opened the gourmet fry shop Bel Frites with his wife Joyce Connelly and 13-year-old daughter Oona. Bel Frites serves up Belgian-style fries.

Campus Crusade, down to the CORE

Maybe you’ve seen their huge “W8” signs scrawled on the pavement in chalk. Maybe you’ve walked by their group meetings. Maybe someone in your dorm has been trying to get you to go to their meetings. Whatever your situation, you’ve probably run across the Campus Crusade for Christ at some point in your college career.

Rec Center overlooks cement beach next-door

A new poolside recreation area will open on campus the beginning of winter quarter.

The parcel, located at the Cal Poly Rec Center pool, will feature a shaded picnic area, outdoor showers and a space for a portable barbecue. A construction team recently tore down the pool area’s east wall to incorporate the beach volleyball courts into the location.

Former engineering professor passes away

Ray Allen, husband, father and former Cal Poly professor, passed away last Thursday of natural causes. He was 90 years old.

Allen was born Aug. 10, 1916, in Geyserville, Calif., and died Nov. 30 in Atascadero.

He is survived by his wife, Gail Blodgett-Allen; two sons, Carl and Barry Allen; and three daughters, Suzi, Mary and Nanette.

'Tis the season to be flying solo

“Sigh.” This is the general sentiment sweeping campus at this time of the quarter, encapsulated in a single word, which, when expressed, is merely an audible release of all our distress and anxieties into the brisk December air.

But, is this feeling of accumulating heaviness merely due to the molasses-like crawl of finals week inching closer on the calendar? No; seeping in with the cold, there is that pervasive sense of wistfulness, even melancholy, and an odd longing that signals one thing:

The holidays are here.

Cal Poly rides its way to the Rose Parade

The 2007 Cal Poly Rose Float, titled “Arctic Antics,” will be viewed around the world via satellite TV on the morning of Jan. 1, 2007. The float will depict a group of penguins and polar bears ringing in the New Year with a luau, a scene that celebrates the Rose Parade theme of “In Our Good Nature.

CSU budget calls for increases in faculty pay, not for student fees

At the last CSU Board of Trustees meeting, the requested budget for the 2007-08 school year was passed. The budget included the request for no student fee increases. However, the budget still needs to pass through many more processes.

“This is all based on state funding,” said Paul Browning, media relations specialist for the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

A whole new SLO

A Cal Poly civil engineering class has created plans to improve public transportation in San Luis Obispo.

The “SLO South 2050: Sustainable Mobility” exhibition took place Wednesday night at the City-County library.

Sustainability means “to create a world where our children can also live, and not just us,” civil engineering professor Eugene Jud said.

Marijuana stolen in local house robbery

Authorities are conducting an investigation into a home invasion robbery which occurred on Nov. 26 at about 10 p.m. on the 1200 block of Fredericks Street.

According to a press release, three masked, black males entered the residence of the four victims, one holding a baseball bat and another a rifle.