Bike Valet: Park it like it's hot

Local cyclists commuting to Farmers’ Market every week now have the option of enjoying a little peace of mind along with their produce and craft goods.

The San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition, along with Team SLO Nexus, a local cycling club, are offering a free Bike Valet service for patrons who would like a safe place to park their bikes while out strolling the market.

Students make bill-splitting easy

Bills. No one likes them. They creep up, steal your money, and then do the same thing 30 days later. Throw some roommates into the equation and paying bills can get downright nasty.

Luckily, two Cal Poly students have developed a software program that will make paying bills easier.

University to pay more with new SLO Transit contract

Rest assured that the next parking ticket placed on your windshield goes to a great cause. The city of San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly negotiated another five-year contract to ensure that Cal Poly students can ride SLO Transit buses.

Cindy Campbell, associate director of the University Police Department, said students are able to ride for free because of money collected from citation fines.

SomethingAwful Q&A

Zack Parsons, one of the original contributors to comedy site, is starting to make a big name for himself. Parsons was kind enough to grant us an interview about SomethingAwful and his newly released book, “My Tank Is Fight!”

Mustang Daily: So who is Zack Parsons and how did he get involved with SomethingAwful?

Zack Parsons: Back in 2001 I was selling Russian pornography to stevedores and Turkish sailors down on the docks.

Poly professor takes German ambassador post for Afghanistan

Cal Poly social sciences professor Maliha Zulfacar, a native of Afghanistan who has actively spent her summers aiding in the rebuilding of the country, has been appointed as Afghanistan’s ambassador to Germany.

Zulfacar, who spends the academic year at Cal Poly teaching classes about global ethnic conflict and geopolitics, is the first woman to be appointed as an ambassador from Afghanistan.

Renewable energy shines on Cal Poly

Cal Poly recently installed 1,000 solar panels on top of the Engineering West building that will save the university $5,000 per year in electricity costs.

The 14,000 square-foot system, the largest in San Luis Obispo County, will power 25 percent of the building, which was chosen for its flat roof and good sun exposure.

Anti-Arnold campaign tries to involve CSU students

Many people say that Arnold Schwarzenegger has failed his duty to the CSU system – keeping tuition low. Around this time of election year, TV channels start showing advertisements for or against the current governor. What if students got a chance to put one out? What if students were allowed to speak out to millions of people? With the Flunk Arnold contest they can.

Salinas family donates $1.5 million for new building

The Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences is $1.5 million closer to having the proposed Agriculture Technology Center built thanks to the Oreggia Family Foundation.

The donation was made to help start the construction of the center, which will provide faculty and students additional lab space to conduct applied research and work on senior projects.

Veggie sales provide fresh produce

The Cal Poly Organic Farm is offering an easy way to get nutritious food and easy meal plans without spending hours at the grocery store. But you have to act fast in future months, because the program has already sold out.

The seventh annual Fall and Winter Community Supported Agriculture Program, which offers weekly selections of farm fresh organic vegetables, fruits and eggs through a subscription membership.

Weekend auction: a bunch of bulls

Cattle ranchers throughout California will come to the Central Coast this weekend to buy Cal Poly’s bulls.

The event, Cal Poly’s 50th annual Field Day and Bull Sale, will be held Saturday and Sunday at the animal science department’s new Beef Center in Escuela Ranch, near Cuesta College.

Hardship turns to scholarship for student

This year, 19 CSU students received the Hearst/CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement and one is a student right here at Cal Poly. Melissa O’Neal, 25, is a graduate student focused on plant protection sciences. The hardships she has gone through in her life earned her this award, which includes a scholarship of $3,000.