The Greenest Governator?

In the heat of the upcoming midterm election, it appears political propaganda is omnipresent. The left and right have become so polarized and inundated with taxes, the war and sex scandals that many important issues such as environmental policy are frequently overlooked.

How to Survive: Boring classes

As far as college goes, boring classes are the bane of a student’s existence. When the last thing you want to do is go to classes, a boring course seems like the biggest waste of time ever.

There are usually three reasons why a certain class is unentertaining.

Where have all the manly men gone?

Long gone are the days of plaid-clad lumberjacks and truck drivers. The extinct breed of manly men has since been replaced by squeaky-clean pretty boys and finely groomed so-called “metrosexuals.”

During the brief two decades of my life, I have watched the disappearance of an era that once idolized the brawny, mustached detective, Magnum P.

Checking all the facts

I was extremely disappointed in Matt Bushman’s Glass Half Full column that ran Wednesday. He fails to point out that the Republican majority imposes rules that restrict debate on the congressional floor on bills the GOP attempts to pass.

He did not mention that the privatization of Social Security was unpopular on both sides of Capitol Hill.

Real women (and men) have curves

In our society, weight is a sensitive issue. People are not comfortable with their bodies or size. That is a widely accepted concept.

All body types are great. The problem I have with our society is the inability to accept our sizes. I don’t understand how a person who wears a size 13 jean can buy a size nine and comfortably wear them.

On "good" coaching

It takes a “capable” coach to guide a team to a 22-point fourth quarter lead. It takes a better coach to know what to do with that lead. Rich Ellerson is a “capable” coach, but he still lacks the very necessary intangible of killer instinct.

Homecoming may have been “just one game,” but one game can swing a season.

Get your freak on at the next fire drill

Did anyone hear about the rave Cerro Vista Apartments threw last Wednesday, Oct. 18? It started a little earlier than I am used to, but I still loved it. It came complete with strobe lights, loud sounds and cops. Even the fire department showed up! The timing was a little unfortunate however; I was in the middle of studying for midterms.

Raise the Respect

With all of the countless injustices going on around the world today, it’s easy to brush it all aside and dismiss it as someone else’s business. But there is an atrocity happening in Darfur, Sudan, that must be stopped now. 400,000 men, women and children have been killed in Darfur.

How to Pick a Wingman

Batman has Robin. Woody has Buzz Lightyear. Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon. To each man, their counterpart was not just there to fight crime, fight for stuffed animal rights, or to yell ridiculously loud but they were there for one other reason: to be the wingman.

Glass Half Full

If all the headlines are correct, America is headed downhill, fast. We have been blasted with news that our economy is terrible, we are losing the war on terror and the Democrats are going to retake control of the House. I include that last headline not because it is one political party or another, but because of the method by which that particular party is trying to gain power.

Election 2006: business as usual

With less than two weeks left until the 2006 midterm elections, the Democratic Party appears poised to seize control of the House and Senate due to the gross incompetence and rampant corruption within the Republican leadership. Unfortunately, Democrats will be hard-pressed to change the current direction of the country.