Rich Ellerson's record speaks for itself

With all due respect to Mr. Goulding’s football coaching abilities, I think his comment that Cal Poly should find another football coach is over the line and ridiculous. Rich Ellerson is one of the most respected and capable coaches in football. He has brought a first class program to Cal Poly.

Think things through before saying 'I do'

Halloween is a week away, but I’m already spooked.

It’s not a soul-gripping fear, not an absolute terror instilled in my heart (but for some, the idea may be that frightening). It sends a chill down my spine, a shudder that makes my shoulders tense and teeth clench – and it has something to do with a figure in a white dress.

The difference between respect and stupidity

It was all working out perfectly. My last Homecoming game and the Mustangs had a 22-point lead going into the fourth quarter. The crowd was having a good time, everything was almost perfect, until head coach Rich Ellerson decided to throw out his offensive playbook and ruin it all.

Prop 86 misses emphasis on cancer research

For all those who vote (everyone I hope) you should first know the facts. Prop 86 will raise the price of a pack of cigarettes by $2.60, and fiscal revenues will rise by more than $2 billion. Who gets it?

Foremost, prop 10 (nothing to do with smoking) gets back funded by about $180 per year.

Outsourcing: not a menace.yet

While the issue of outsourcing is hardly mentioned anymore in the current news cycle, it is one of the most relevant issues of our generation because it could affect many people’s employment prospects. Even I will acknowledge that outsourcing is not a sexy topic, I mean the country is at war and elections are coming up, but in a college full of engineers and industrial technology students (The two hot job exports right now) the concern over outsourcing must have crossed their minds at least once.

Bicyclists should pay attention while riding

I realize the campus bike issue is almost a dead horse. Monday evening, I hit a bicyclist with my minivan. He was going the wrong way on a one-way street, had his iPod blaring, and refused to give his last name or even wait for the University Police Department or an ambulance.

Natural global warming?

In recent years, global warming has been an increasingly hot topic in the voice of the media and the ears of the mainstream. As the issue of global climate change has been continually politicized, opinions and statistics have been thrown at the public from every direction.

Some Cal Poly sports underrepresented

As a reader of the Mustang Daily and a Cal Poly athlete, I am appalled by the decisions of which sports have had featured stories this past week. Specifically, I can not understand why a sport in their off-season would have a feature story about their recruiting class, when men’s soccer just had a huge win against conference leader and defending conference champion Cal State Northridge.

Great Baker milk ad in 90th anniversary issue

I just wanted to thank you guys for putting together a great issue. I love Cal Poly and was so interested to read all of these different clippings. I picked up multiple copes to send off to my alumni family! Seeing the Baker milk ad was the highlight of my day.

How to Survive: The Voting Booth

You’re only going to have a few days to register to vote before the Nov. 7election by the time this column is published, if you haven’t already, and that really should give you a reason to hurry.

Now you can give me every excuse in the book about why you’re not going to vote this time around, such as “it’s only a mid-term election, nothing important is being voted on,” or “I don’t know what’s on the ballot,” but I am not buying it.

How to not be the annoying jackass in class

While the release of “Jackass 2” is a hit among college students, there is a time and place where it might be appropriate to be like your onscreen “Jackass” favorites. The classroom, however, is not one of those places. In this guide to life, I will provide you with the various classifications of Jackasses so that you know what to look for in others and what to avoid doing yourself.