How to not be the annoying jackass in class

While the release of “Jackass 2” is a hit among college students, there is a time and place where it might be appropriate to be like your onscreen “Jackass” favorites. The classroom, however, is not one of those places. In this guide to life, I will provide you with the various classifications of Jackasses so that you know what to look for in others and what to avoid doing yourself.

Don't let video games vaporize the contents of your wallet

I can’t quite claim the original Nintendo Entertainment System as the system that got me hooked.

You know, the gray and red box in which 8-bit game cartridges got stuck, froze and you had to blow on them to get them to work.

I wish I could. But being born the year it came out (1985), it was my older friends who ditched homework to clutch that awkward, blocky controller.

Elevators and DRC vans are scariest elements on campus

I think there is something wrong with the elevators in the library. I’m a civil engineer and am lucky enough not to have to take vibrations classes that mechanicals do, but I’m pretty sure elevators are not supposed to shake violently.

It’s even scarier to look at the inspection sheets inside the elevator which expired in August.

Campus bike problem a complicated situation

I like Mr. McThrow’s thinking regarding solving the bike problem. But why stop at bridges? Let’s make our campus rival Disneyland. I propose installing gondolas, underground passageways, moving sidewalks, trolleys, escalators, cable cars, monorails and some tunnels.

September 11 hits home for Poly students

“Where were you Sept. 11?”

The tragic events of that day in 2001 have become a landmark event for our generation. For our parents, the question is, “Where were you when President Kennedy was shot?” For our grandparents, the question is, “Where were you when Pearl Harbor was bombed?”

Each generation’s calamity is so shocking, most people will remember what they were doing the exact moment they heard Kennedy was assassinated or the Trade Towers demolished.

Be yourself when playing the dated dating game

When I’m around other twenty-somethings chatting indiscriminately about relationships, I have no qualms referring to my significant other as my boyfriend.

But at certain times, usually around the older and wiser, the word “boyfriend” sounds awkward coming out of my mouth.

Giving credit where micro-credit is due

It might not be strewn across TV screens and newspaper headlines every day like the pictures of Kim Jong-il or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but right now poverty is a bigger threat to the health and stability of this world than the “Axis of Evil.” Every day 30,000 people die because they are too poor to afford food or medicine.

Global warming may be just a lot of hot air

Scientists have been trying to warn Americans about the impending doom of climate change since the late 1800s. The paradox is that they cannot decide whether the earth is cooling off or warming up.

An article titled “Fire and Ice,” published by the Business and Media Institute, outlines four major swings in media hysteria concerning global climate change.

Use what you learned in kindergarten

To know how to read seems simple enough; I can still remember learning the letters of the alphabet in kindergarten. However, in third grade we had what was called a victory drill book, which I hated with a passion. This book was supposed to teach us to work on our pronunciation of words.

Hydrogen: The next big thing

In the last few years, the future of the American energy industry has been a subject of constant discussion. Those with their ears to the ground have probably heard that hydrogen is expected to play an integral role in powering the America of tomorrow. President Bush recently allocated funds for hydrogen fuel cell research.

Campus bikers experienced and capable

Wednesday’s staff commentary about the “danger” of walking around campus due to bikes is bogus.

First of all, the primary bike-riding contingent on campus are well-experienced mountain and road bikers, the wheelmen and triathletes (and those of us who ride for fun) typically have years of experience riding.