How to Survive: The Freshman 15

College is here. You’re busy making new friends, hanging out with old ones, battling large amounts of homework from the first few weeks of classes. The last thing on your mind is your waistline.

Now, it is a few weeks into the quarter, you get up for an early class and pick out a pair of jeans you got back home.

How to be a gangsta rapper

Normally, I would never want to censor myself. I mean who really would? However, it is necessary for me to do so every time I go home to the Bay Area. This censoring isn’t just because I swear constantly, but rather the music that is usually playing in my car.

Intimacy more important than dating

I whole-heartedly agree with Ms. Pearson and the others who have voiced their support for dating … to a point.

To all the guys out there, man up and tell a girl you like her instead of going the wimp’s way and leaving it for her to figure out.

And girls, stop with the vague hints and clues; if the guy you like won’t ask you out, do it yourself.

'Walk Zone' a euphemism for 'Ticket Zone'

Anyone else think the bike regulations on this campus are absolutely ridiculous? I’m glad I’m doing favors for several factions (myself, my bank account, the environment, the school, bus riders, everyone else who still insists on driving to campus…), and University Police Department thanks me by pulling me over on my way to class (and potentially fining me $100 in the future) because I’m riding my bike in a “Walk Your Bike” zone.

Bike rage is all the rage on campus

When I transferred to Cal Poly last fall, one of the first things I said was that I was going to get run over by a bicycle before I graduated. Although it hasn’t happened yet, I still think I am correct.

Now, don’t get clever and purposely try to find me to run me down.

Bikers riding illegally deserve citations

I never thought I would be writing a letter thanking the police, especially not the University Police after the obscene number of parking tickets I have accumulated over the years. Nevertheless, here it is: a thank you note. Today, I was fortunate enough to witness two of Cal Poly’s finest men in blue giving tickets to a whole line of bikers who had been caught doing something illegal.

Mustang Graphics and its staff will be missed

There was a short article in the Oct. 4 Cal Poly Report announcing that Mustang Graphics (which includes Pony Prints in the library) will be closed next month. This was shocking news.

As a staff member in an academic department, I’ve utilized the services of Mustang Graphics for many years.

Don't blame everything on the Democrats

Well, it looks like Matt Bushman is starting off this year (You can’t hug your children with nuclear arms, Oct. 11, 2006) the way he ended last year, spouting only the facts that suit his theories and ignoring the others.

Let’s see where to start. First off, as far as North Korea goes, blaming Clinton and Carter is a bit interesting, considering that the Democrats’ 12 years in office over this time pale next to the Republicans’ 18 years in office since 1976.

Congressmen gone wild

What is going on with congressional Republicans nowadays? In less than one year’s time four highly esteemed Republicans have had to resign because of evidence of serious misconduct.

From the power grabs of Tom DeLay (R), to the greediness of Duke Cunningham (R) and Bob Ney (R), to the now widely publicized sexual advances of Mark Foley (R) towards teenagers, the Republicans appear to be doing their best to live up to the “Culture of Corruption” label.

You can't hug your children with nuclear arms

North Korea announced late Sunday night that it had completed its first successful test of a nuclear weapon. Combined with their July 5th test of long-range offensive missiles, they have just become the world’s newest nuclear threat.

How did it come to this? How could we have let this happen? Sadly, this is the result of a policy of sanctions, concessions and appeasement.

Football fan conduct unsportsmanlike

As I left mustang stadium on Saturday night, I felt a little ashamed to call myself a Mustang. Throughout the entire game, I heard the guy in front of me yelling “rip his f—ing head off” and others yelling “Davis you suck, go home Davis!”

I ask myself, is this what we want others to think of when they hear Cal Poly football? Sitting around me were kids as young as 6 and parents as old as 75, and throughout the entire game they were subject to the unsportsmanlike conduct of numerous college kids.