President Baker invisible

Where is President Baker? I’m going into my fifth year here at Cal Poly and I’ve only seen our President three times, and one was a Sasquatch-like sighting that involved a camera phone and lots of running.

I have heard stories that our past presidents have been involved with campus, could be seen regularly strolling about involved with a student body that they care about.

Simple walk to school a reality 'Czech' in Prague

I take one step off the curb onto the cobblestone street and my journey has begun, down the hill, past the castle on my left, past the couple sipping pints of Gambrinus patio-side on my right – never mind that it’s only 10 a.m. – this is the Czech Republic.

It was a dark and stormy night with no lights in sight

Who’s afraid of the dark? The once popular Snick TV show telling scary nighttime tales has become more of a reality for Cal Poly students who have to venture through the dark streets in and around campus after the sun goes down.

The lack of lighting on campus and in San Luis Obispo is a safety concern that has gone unaddressed for too long.

Gandhi's pacifism a good tool for today

I am writing to remind people about the importance of Oct 2. On that day over a century ago, a man was born who led a fight to free a country from tyranny. His teachings and philosophy would later inspire other revolutionaries such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

Where has all the dating gone?

Dating is definitely going extinct. I mean are people just too afraid of being forward or getting hurt? I think in order for people to have any chance at finding someone or seeing if the “apple of their eye” feels the same way they need to ask them out! There needs to be a distinction between the just friends and more.

Everyone was a Mustang Maniac Saturday

Saturday’s football game was by far the best football game I have ever attended at Cal Poly. And I want to thank each and every fan that came. YOU ROCKED. The unity shown in everyone standing the entire game nearly brought tears to my eyes. The dancing to the music during breaks in play put a smile on my face that still remains to this day.

Reelect Arnold so he can sign your diploma

You might ask yourself, what are the right reasons to support Arnold? Is it because of his savage nature, entrepreneurial sprit, skilled acting, or the fact that his constituents call him by first name? Though these are all great reasons, one undeniable truth applies specifically to students of the CSU system: reelect Arnold to his deserved post for no other reason than because he will sign your diploma.

Involvement makes college experience worthwhile

Two words, that’s it: get involved. That’s all it takes to transform your experience at Cal Poly from awesome and life-changing (which it will be because, after all, we are at Cal Poly) to the biggest growing experience of your life.

Some people have been involved their whole lives at their elementary, middle, and high schools.

Cal Poly football game a victory for everyone

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006, the Mustangs defeated Southern Utah University in a dramatic comeback from a 14-3 4th quarter deficit. The Mustang defense created four turnovers in the fourth quarter and the offense scored two touchdowns off those turnovers for a 18-14 victory in front of most of the survivors of the 1960 plane crash that took the lives of 16 players, a manager and a booster.

Thank you for keeping the memories alive

As the grandson of Ray Porras, one of the players who died in the 1960 crash, I would like to publicly thank the follwing people on behalf of the Porras family. To the Cal Poly administation and all involved thank you for the beautiful memorial, Hall of Fame induction and hospitality extended to my family this past weekend.

The sad, sad tale of Chef Ed

The sad, sad tale of Chef Ed

We arrived with hunger in our eyes. Surely Veranda Caf‚ could help us in our need for a balanced (and delicious!) meal to bring verification to the day. We assumed the usual patterns. A piece of cornbread with the meal, and entrees for the additional chips and salsa they included.