Involvement makes college experience worthwhile

Two words, that’s it: get involved. That’s all it takes to transform your experience at Cal Poly from awesome and life-changing (which it will be because, after all, we are at Cal Poly) to the biggest growing experience of your life.

Some people have been involved their whole lives at their elementary, middle, and high schools.

Cal Poly football game a victory for everyone

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006, the Mustangs defeated Southern Utah University in a dramatic comeback from a 14-3 4th quarter deficit. The Mustang defense created four turnovers in the fourth quarter and the offense scored two touchdowns off those turnovers for a 18-14 victory in front of most of the survivors of the 1960 plane crash that took the lives of 16 players, a manager and a booster.

Thank you for keeping the memories alive

As the grandson of Ray Porras, one of the players who died in the 1960 crash, I would like to publicly thank the follwing people on behalf of the Porras family. To the Cal Poly administation and all involved thank you for the beautiful memorial, Hall of Fame induction and hospitality extended to my family this past weekend.

The sad, sad tale of Chef Ed

The sad, sad tale of Chef Ed

We arrived with hunger in our eyes. Surely Veranda Caf‚ could help us in our need for a balanced (and delicious!) meal to bring verification to the day. We assumed the usual patterns. A piece of cornbread with the meal, and entrees for the additional chips and salsa they included.

Italians know how to live life better

After living in Italy for over one month now, I have experienced a whole new way of life and in my time here, I have decided that Italians simply do it better. The approach to living in Italy is the absolute opposite from that in America and is something everyone should have the chance to experience.

Students: Make ASI yours this year

You are ASI. No really, you are.

As a Cal Poly student, you are a stakeholder in the organization and gain all the benefits that go along with it. Technically, Associated Students Inc. is a nonprofit corporation with the vision of being every student’s connection to the ultimate college experience.

Don't worry, the Mustang Daily is here for you

Your roommates will change, grades will fluctuate, stress levels will go in cycles and the scales will probably go up and down during your college career.

But no matter what else changes, the Mustang Daily will be there with you through it all.

Tell your parents not to worry (while they still try to call you every day) because we’ll be more comforting than a bowl of cereal at 2 a.

Avoid dorm troubles by being a good roommate

For nine months, they can be one of your best friends or your worst enemy. You’ll share one cramped space, a tiny refrigerator and – if all goes well – a great year.

They are, of course, your college roommate.

Although many roommate horror stories exist, plenty good ones do, in fact, prevail.

Stuck off campus? Stick in there!

Late night study sessions, floor versus floor competitions and popcorn exploding in the common room microwave are all experiences characteristic of the dorms. But what about the nearly 1,300 freshmen that the Cal Poly residence halls don’t have room for?

“We are over our designed capacity and will utilize our triples and quads this year,” Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Preston Allen said.

Web sites make student job searching easy

Whether you need to pay the bills or just want some extra spending cash, San Luis Obispo offers all jobs imaginable. From working on-campus to downtown, the arrays of opportunities are endless.

For those students who do have access to downtown and other areas of San Luis Obispo for work, there are various other ways to find jobs.

No immunization means no registration

Fear comes in many forms. It can be anything from fear of heights to being scared of spiders. But for some students at Cal Poly, fear could result from not being able to register.

It is a state requirement that all registered students have proof of immunization against Hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella.