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The dating drive-thru: Would you like sex with that?

As Americans, we prize efficiency, speed and cheapness. After all, it’s this foundation that has made fast food chains so effective. But it has also transformed the college way of “dating” into the equivalent of a McDonald’s drive-thru. Hook-ups are inexpensive, they’re fast and they provide instant gratification. Sounds like a Big Mac, doesn’t it? […]

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The Title V Code of Conduct

As American students, we cherish our freedom and our rights. In the California State University system student behavior is governed by a particularly undemocratic code of conduct. The Title V Code of Conduct applies to all students in the CSU system. The code lists behaviors that are unacceptable and provides the president of each university […]

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Just do it, here's how

Nick Hoover If those football scholarship applications didn’t come through, there’s still hope –  ASI Rec Sports offers plenty of competition for the school year. Ranging from fun under the sun to brutal competition on the field, club and recreational sports are likely to fulfill an athlete’s needs on the playing fields. Some of the […]

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