BLOG: CSU decisions more complicated than they appear

Daily reporter discovers that CSU and administrative decisions are more intricate than at first glance.

BLOG: Is GPA important?

Is GPA the most important thing, or are other factors taken into consideration that possibly outweigh that number? I’m sure I’m not the only one concerned about GPA, but not to fear, it isn’t the only aspect reviewed by admissions staff.

BLOG: Emergency Alert System isn’t used

Although an e-mail was sent out, questions were raised as to why the Cal Poly Emergency Notification System was not used to notify students of the crime sooner.

BLOG: Travel season could mean spike in illnesses

With the travel season upon us, millions of people will be traveling to spend time with friends and family. During high travel times, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, modes of transportation, such as buses and airplanes, will be crawling not…

BLOG: Cal Poly band brings energy to the court

Whenever they weren’t playing their instruments, the pep band members were cheering their lungs out for the women on the volleyball court.

BLOG: Get better gas mileage

Cal Poly’s Supermileage Vehicle Team knows a thing or two about how to get the most mileage – the team’s futuristic prototype vehicle got 2752.3 mpg at the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas in 2008. Here are their tips on how to make your car more fuel-efficient.

BLOG: AB 656 more complicated than at first glance

Reporter uncovers complexity of issues while researching AB 656.

BLOG: Callero’s elementary lesson

Callero encourages the players to slap hands with each other after a free throw, when leaving or entering the court or to say ‘good game.’

BLOG: Best kept secret of registration

Wouldn’t this process be easier if you knew which classes would be offered each quarter for the whole year? Yes.

BLOG: Reconsider safety as crime rates soar

Crime rates, made available by the University Police Department, show a large increase from 2007 to 2008. How will 2009 add up? Do you feel safe in San Luis Obispo?

BLOG: Family of Champions

Through blogging, the Champion family remembers Cal Poly sophomore who died from cancer in August.