BLOG: CFA votes in favor of furloughs

The voting period closed Wednesday with 54 percent members voting ‘yes’ and 46 percent voting ‘no’ for the furloughs. In total, 68 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot — about 8,880 members.

Word on the Street: What minor would you create?

See what Cal Poly students are thinking in this week’s Word on the Street.

CFA and students clash with chancellor

Students for Quality Education are planning a 48 hour protest/vigil at the chancellor’s office in Long Beach starting Sunday up to the meeting on Tuesday.

BLOG: Times New Romans Competition

Most of you use it daily. But have you ever given thought to what your typeface says about you? The standard for Microsoft Word until 2007, Times New Roman was developed around 1930.

BLOG: Coming soon 12:34:56 7/8/9

I have been reading lately that at just half past noon on July 8, something will happen that will only take place once over the course of a millennium. The moment is 12:34:56 on 7/8/9.

BLOG: Medicine advances could increase life span

In his most recent medical accomplishments, Dr. Anthony Atala has successfully created cells, tissues and organs for patients by using the patients’ very own cells to create new body parts.

BLOG: Morro Bay laser show didn’t impress

This year was the first year Morro Bay hosted a laser light show instead of a traditional Fourth of July fireworks show. Overall, it doesn’t even compare to a traditional fireworks show.

BLOG: Alleged armed robbery at local student apartments

San Luis Obispo police responded to a report of robbery at gunpoint at Mustang Village Apartments Tuesday night where three suspects allegedly entered an apartment to rob occupants of narcotics.

BLOG: The future of Internet privacy

In 1967 philosopher Marshall McLuhan described a culture of universal, tyrannical womb-to-tomb surveillance causing a very serious dilemma between our claim to privacy and society’s need to know.

In film, prequels are the new sequels

The trend seemed to have started after George Lucas made those three critically condemned Star Wars movies not too long ago, which followed the rise of Darth Vader. Since then, franchises have been choosing to tell back-stories instead of creating new legacies.

Is publishing suspects’ mug shots wrong?

I admit, my first gut reaction to seeing a student’s face plastered on the front page for things like drug possession makes me think of how bad I would feel if it were my face. These are, after all, photos of people at their worst and a photo makes it easier for the story to follow a student around for life.