New Cross Cultural Centers met with wide support

One quarter after the creation of the Cross Cultural Centers, the work-in-progress has received vast support.

ASI scolds fraternities for behavior at intramural games

Sean Pellerin, assistant intramurals coordinator, said that there was a misunderstanding about what was allowed on the field.

Future of Grand Avenue housing project still uncertain

Although the university claims the Grand Avenue Housing project would improve student success, freshman retention rate and neighborhood quality of life, some in the community disagree.

Fewer cars, more parking

Driving into a parking lot only to find no open spaces can be frustrating for any driver.

According to University Police Department (UPD) Associate Director Cindy Campbell, freshmen don’t have to worry about that on campus this year.

Cal Poly student diagnosed with viral meningitis

Other students or university are currently not believed to be at great risk, Dr. David Harris said.

Covered California helps students get health coverage

“Why do I need health insurance?” According to Christina Lefevre Latner, one of Cal Poly’s Health Insurance Education Project’s (HEIP) campus coordinators, this is a common question students ask.

Cal Poly wins Dept. of Energy grant, will research ocean wave power

Schools across the country competed for the grant, with Cal Poly and Oregon State coming out on top.

SLO named No. 3 college town in nation

Cal Poly is putting San Luis Obispo on the map. According to a November survey by Travel and Leisure magazine, San Luis Obispo is the No. 3 college town in the nation.

Yount’s ‘unforgettable smile’ remembered at memorial

Former teammates remembered Yount for his fun spirit and sense of humor, sharing tales of old practices and practical jokes they often played on Yount.

Whovians celebrate show’s 50th anniversary

It’s a Saturday night, yet dozens of Cal Poly students are gathered in and around the new Baker Science building on campus. Many of them are wearing bow ties, foot-long scarves, or stalks of celery pinned to their clothes. Outside, there is a long table piled with food such as Jammie Dodgers and fish fingers and custard, while inside a playlist of classic rock songs blares from the speakers of a lecture hall.

The Whovians have arrived.

Matt Yount to be honored at vigil

Matt Yount, a business administration junior, passed away on Nov. 21 while studying abroad in Spain. Yount and another Cal Poly student jumped into cold, rushing water on their way back from a bar around 3:30 a.m. The current took Yount downstream. His body was found five hours later.