Ryan Chartrand

San Luis Obispo has turned into a dump within the last month.

Garbage trails away from overflowing dumpsters; disgusting couches are chucked onto the sides of streets; and broken glass bottles in the road make walking more like hop-scotch.

Clean up your trash, Cal Poly!

Instead of tossing your nasty furniture onto the street, take it to the local dump. And if it’s not too nasty, just sell the darn thing and make some money for yourself.

As you may have noticed, trash bins are bursting with garbage as students frantically toss out old room decorations and spoiled food during the moving process. But believe it or not, the poor garbagemen and women of San Luis Obispo aren’t your personal custodians or even your parents – they’re not going to clean up what overflows! When throwing out your trash, please aim to get it inside the bin. Globs of expired ketchup and moldy buns you bought fresh four months ago don’t jump in the dumpsters themselves, folks.

As for you fraternities enjoying warm summer evenings with a cold beer, please stop chucking your bottles into the middle of the street. Have you seen Foothill Boulevard lately? You can practically see your reflection in the street because of all the glass.

And if you’ve been partying with plastic red cups and bags of chips, throw them away so theydon’t blow down the street and into the bushes. And that doesn’t just apply to fraternities – it’s really just a matter of common courtesy that everyone should follow.

Many of us chose to come to Cal Poly because of how gorgeous this town really is, and the summer is the peak of its beauty, especially since it’s devoid of crowds. But just because less people walk past your apartment every day doesn’t mean you should stop caring.

So let’s work together to solve this problem: This weekend, do a 20-piece trash pickup. If we all picked up that many pieces of garbage – whether they’re ours or not – think of how much better San Luis Obispo could be. Sometimes, the lessons we learned in elementary school still apply.

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