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Too often do I see crazy liberals in the streets of San Luis Obispo. You know the kind I’m talking about. The ones screaming about Bush being a Nazi or approaching the Cal Poly College Republicans booth and asking if we enjoy murdering millions of people. Typical answer: Yes, but only the babies and small children . and the baby seals. Don’t forget the baby seals! But after all the fun and games of answering these people I have to ask myself: What is the matter with them? Why do they act like that? My friends jokingly answer that they’re just crazy. However, after seeing people like this over and over again, I have to wonder if they’re right.

First I think that I need to clarify which liberals I am referring to. I’m not talking about “moderates” (aka Republicans In Hiding) or the other people who say, “I’m a liberal but fiscally I’m pretty conservative” (aka Republicans Who Just Don’t Know It Yet). I’m talking about the flaming liberals, if you will. The ones that you see at events that are screaming to get their point across. The ones that are calling Republicans fascists and Nazis. They push their flyer in your face and they wave their signs in the air like they just don’t care. Those are the ones I’m talking about. I seriously think that something is wrong with these people and they need psychiatric help.

There are just too many other things that don’t make sense. Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants? But they’re illegal. The last time I checked, that means they’re breaking our laws. Liberals wants to give them the right of driving. Driving is not a right, it’s a privilege. We take licenses away from people all the time for breaking the law, yet illegal immigrants should get to keep theirs? That’s just illogical. More welfare for crack-whores and their children? Gee, great idea. The war on poverty has been working so well; let’s pour more money into it. Instead of giving them more money, how about every time you see a homeless person, you hand them a McDonald’s application?

To top it off, liberals don’t think logically, let alone argue a point with valid arguments. Every time you ask these people a question, every other word out of their mouth is “Bush.” For hating him so much, they sure do like saying his name. Whether you agree with the guy or not, Republicans are not defined by one president. You can’t define a Republican by everything that Bush has done, just like you can’t define a Democrat by everything that Carter did (thank God for that). Why can’t they just get around it and logically argue a point?

All liberals do is shout all day about how middle and upper-class white people need to give more money to every minority in this country. Just because they are minorities doesn’t mean they should get special treatment. The funny thing about equality is that everyone should be treated equally. You don’t oppress the majority just because you feel bad for the minority. What’s so interesting about this scenario is that a lot of liberals fall into that same category they’re trying to take money from. Generous? No, crazy. It’s almost as if they have no sense of self-preservation. They want to give all of their money and rights to other people until they run themselves into the ground. A person who has no sense of self-preservation is usually classified as being suicidal. Suicidal people go in for psychiatric counseling, so why can’t liberals?

The same can be said for most of their foreign policy. They continually deny over and over again that anything is wrong with anyone in the Middle East. They say that all of them are peaceful. They are in denial that some of those countries, like Iran, are a threat to our country. Yet Iran was building their own nuclear program and their president (the lunatic who denied the existence of homosexuals in his country) continually talks about his discontent with America. This kind of thought only puts our country in more danger. Either these liberals are insane or they hate America.

So go ahead, liberals of San Luis Obispo. Wave your signs and shout how much you hate the president while spit froths at your mouths. Just know that if we don’t debate your point with you, it’s because there’s no point in arguing with a crazy person. Plus we’re too busy laughing at you.

Jennifer Gilmore is a microbiology senior, a conservative columnist for the Mustang Daily and a member of the Cal Poly College Republicans.

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