Students attending California Polytechnic State University should not have to deal with unsatisfactory learning conditions. In building 21, construction is underway well into the second week of class and is annoying both the students and professors. English 102 is interrupted by chronic drilling, the screeching of saws, and constant chatter of the construction crew. Cal Poly is the “crown jewel” of the CSU system. Why should students paying a 4,500 dollar tuition be subjected to such a harsh environment? I also might add, who was the brilliant engineer behind the design of Engineering West building? As if the construction is not enough, it feels that the class is being held in a cramped jail cell. The class is trapped in a room with no windows and an unbearable temperature of 102 degrees for two hours. Due to the heat and the noise, our class session had to be held outside in a grassy common, but good thing we left because I really had to use the bathroom along the way. One would only hope with all the construction going on that they are actually accomplishing something such as installing a bathroom. Currently, there are no bathrooms located within the building. Every time class meets, we have to take a break to escape the heat and walk to the other building to use the bathroom. When students come to a university for their education, it is not fair to them to be located in a place of distractions.

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