Camille Lafaix is one of Cal Poly women’s soccer’s star midfielders in her final year with the program.
Camille Lafaix is one of Cal Poly women’s soccer’s star midfielders in her final year with the program. Credit: Kayla Stuart

Camille Lafaix has been surrounded by soccer for as long as she can remember, which dates back to her family’s roots in France.

“Honestly I think the moment I was born I was already in such a family and a culture and community that loved soccer,” Lafaix said. “My entire family is from France. I am the first person in my family to be born outside of France. Soccer is huge in Europe, so immediately my brother [and I] played soccer, and my parents have been to multiple world cups.” 

Now, Lafaix is one of Cal Poly women’s soccer’s star midfielders in her final year with the program. The psychology major intends to put her name into the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Draft after the team’s fall season comes to a close and she graduates in the winter.

Her recruitment process to Cal Poly started early, as Lafaix began contacting coaches in her freshman year of high school and committed to becoming a Mustang her sophomore year. 

“For me, as soon as I was in highschool, I was emailing coaches and sending them my schedule,” Lafaix said. 

She ended up selecting Cal Poly because of its academic track record along with the team and Head Coach Alex Crozier. The head coach of 30 years knew he wanted Lafaix to be a part of the program because of her impressive offensive abilities. 

“The thing about her that I really liked was that she played in the midfield,” Crozier said. “She really was an attacking player. She would take off on the dribble, penetrate, [was] very assertive and created problems for the team, and I was like ‘We need some of that.’” 

Lafaix proved Crozier right, and it has shown in the form of multiple awards. 

Jadyn Ellis | Mustang News

As a freshman, she was named to the All-West Region third team and the Big West All-Freshman Team, while earning an All-Big West honorable mention as well. That season, the midfielder found the back of the net four times and tallied four assists. 

Her sophomore year led to even more accomplishments. In a season where she scored six total goals, she earned the title of All-West Conference Midfielder of the Year and made the All-Big West first team.

Jadyn Ellis | Mustang News

Lafaix, who has four goals through 13 games this season, has begun to turn her attention to the NWSL draft, which takes place in January. 

Crozier said it is crucial for the team to perform to help Lafaix get more recognition heading into the draft. 

“It’s about the compilation of the season, you know the better we do the more looks she’s going to get,” Crozier said. “She’ll put her name in the draft for the NWSL and also work on some contacts overseas.”

The plan is to put her name in the draft right after the season ends, ending her NCAA eligibility, Lafaix said.

The NWSL is made up of 12 teams, and if a name is picked, that person will still be required to try out for the team that selected them. If Lafaix decided to play abroad instead, she would need to find an agent and begin inquiring with teams. 

“I would love to play in the US or in Europe, just because I have that French background,” Lafaix said. “I would get the chance to be closer to my family for the very first time. Growing up I’d always go to France and see my family but as I have gotten older it’s just harder. So if I am able to do what I love with people who have been with me since the start.”

Lafaix said she doesn’t have a preference to where her next team will reside, she just wants to continue playing the sport she still holds a passion for. 

“I still have so much passion,” Lafaix said. “I’m still so determined to become the best player I can possibly be. That comes with the level of dissatisfaction that I’m still hungry and want to get better.”

Crozier agrees, as he believes that Lafaix still has potential and what it takes to play professionally. 

“She has the drive, she’s not even close to what her potential is,” Crozier said.

As she reflected on her Cal Poly career and the journey that lies ahead, Lafaix will always carry the Green and Gold close to her heart.

“[As a freshman], I think that I would start crying if I had the chance to see where I am now… to see how far I’ve come, all of the memories I’ve made, all of the people I’ve met and experiences that I’ve been fortunate enough to have,” Lafaix said. 

Whether it be here in the United States or overseas, where the Lafaix family’s love for soccer began, Camille is poised to make an impact and represent Cal Poly at the professional level.