About Mustang Media Group

Mustang Media Group is Cal Poly’s award winning,
integrated student media organization.

Mustang Media Group Leadership

Sabrina Pascua

Mustang Media Group President
Mustang News Editor in Chief

Stephanie Zappelli

Mustang News Managing Editor

Justin Vermeltfoort

Mustang Media Group PR Director

Von Balanon

Mustang Media Group Advertising Design Manager

Brynna Barton

Mustang Media Group Co-Advertising Manager

Clare Giatzis

Mustang Media Group Co-Advertising Manager

Christine Lee

Mustang Media Group Senior Account Executive

Audrey Wagner

Mustang Media Group Senior Account Executive

Mustang News Leadership

Solena Aguilar

Design Director & Co-Digital Director

Marcus Cocova

Co-Digital Director

Lauren Walike

Radio News Director & Co-Digital Director

Lauren Kozicki

Video Manager

Cameryn Oakes

News Editor

Sydney Sherman

Arts & Student Life Editor

Adam Birder

Sports Editor

Garrett Brown

Sports Video Editor

Kiana Meagher

Opinion Editor

Kylie Kowalski

Photo Editor

Sophia Lincoln

Special Sections Editor

Lauryn Luescher

Social Media Manager

Omar Rashad

Lead Data Reporter

KCPR Leadership

Tessa Hughes

KCPR Section Editor

Mika Lincoln

Marketing Director

Hailey Honegger

Social Media Manager

Melissa Melton

Audience Growth & Analytics

Madison McDonald

Event Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pick up a copy of Mustang News?

You can pick up a copy of the printed paper at over 50 newsstands across campus. The paper is also distributed to many student apartment buildings and to businesses around San Luis Obispo.

Who produces Mustang News?

The Mustang News team is made up of 85 students from across all majors at Cal Poly. Our staff is trained in the latest journalistic techniques and all content is completely student-produced.

Several Cal Poly Journalism classes also contribute to Mustang News, including students enrolled in Advanced Newspaper Reporting, Advanced Broadcast Journalism, Senior Media Practicum and Advanced Public Relations.

The advisors of Mustang News are journalism professors.

How can I send a letter to the editor?

Have an opinion at you think the Cal Poly community needs to hear? Submit your letter to the editor here.

How can I share feedback with the editors or submit a correction?

We always enjoy hearing from you and appreciate your feedback on our coverage. Please submit your comments here.

What is Mustang Media Group?

Mustang Media Group is the integrated student-run media organization at Cal Poly, including Mustang News and KCPR

When formed in 2013, it became the first program of its kind in the California State University system, bringing the student newspaper, TV studio, radio station, public relations agency, and business operations under one umbrella and providing students with the type of environment that has become standard in today’s media industry.

Mustang Media Group will be  Cal Poly’s ultimate source for local news, a national leader in college media, and will drive conversation through student voices.

How do I advertise in Mustang News?

Advertising opportunities are available across all of our platforms: print, web, social and video. We offer both display and native advertising to both local and national clients. Click here to learn more about advertising in Mustang News.

Want to get involved in Mustang Media Group?

Mustang Media Group members thrive on innovation while ambitiously seeking to hone their craft and improve their communities. 

Mustang News primarily hires in the Spring, but applications received throughout the year will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Applications are now closed for KCPR for the 2019-20 school year. However, radio news positions will become available in the coming months.