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Proposed assault weapons ban threatens a fundamental right

Gun owners across America weren’t surprised last week when the new U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stated the intent of the Obama administration to renew the expired ban on sales of “assault weapons.” The proposed ban was part of the…

A new movement for sovereignty

The movement of states declaring sovereignty in regards to the Tenth Amendment has created quite a stir among constitutional conservatives lately. Although not widely reported, thirteen states currently have legislation pending to affirm their states’ rights as defined by the…

Personal choice should be an option too

Chad, I placed one of the 12 tacks in the “none of these” category at the Sustainability Conference, and I did it for a very good reason.

Somewhere along the line we have acquired the belief that progress is when the big players (schools, governments, companies) force the little people to “do the right thing,” and that the best sort of progress is when all the little rules are all perfectly calibrated.

“How to destroy the dollar” column needed more research

Dear Colin McKim, Your last article, titled “How to Destroy the Dollar,” left me in a state of amusement and I feel like I need to clarify some points that you have made. In your article you claim that the federal government and the Federal Reserve will “create” the money to finance the stimulus bill.

Stimulating the growth of a welfare state

With the speed that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was proposed and passed through Congress, few Americans had the time to really take a critical look at the spending provisions within the over 1,000 page act. Over half of the $787 billion planned is for programs characteristic of a welfare state.

How to destroy the dollar

The Senate passed Obama’s proposed economic stimulus plan Tuesday after a week of prodding from the White House. The bill will now proceed to negotiations between the House and Senate to iron out the $20 billion difference. The Senate version increased spending to $838 billion.

Increasing foreign aid is unpatriotic

Last week, President Obama posted his new administration’s official agenda on the White House Web site. Much spending is planned in an attempt to stimulate the U.S. economy, but apparently Obama thinks he can stimulate the world economy as well through his plan to double foreign aid.