Erik Hansen
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Calling all super seniors — time for graduate school

Having milked the teat that is your parent’s college savings almost completely dry after four (ha, yeah right!), five or six years, you will finally graduate this fall, winter or spring. And while our abundant and plentiful job market awaits you, the idea of remaining in the cozy cocoon of academia a couple years longer sounds tempting.

What to know when stitching up those holes in your head

In an age where you can get implants in your butt to look like Jennifer Lopez, stitching up your ears is chump change.

Tattoo removal: reasons to rethink the tramp stamp

In today’s job market you will need every competitive edge you can muster — good luck finding a job looking like a freak.

The ins and outs of drug testing in the workplace

With public sector employment expanding exponentially, and so much of the private sector dependent upon contracting work with the state and federal government, workplace drug testing is becoming more common.

What to do with that criminal record before you graduate

As Cal Poly students, the vast majority of us have only had limited contact with law enforcement. However, there are a small number of us with some sort of significant criminal record.