Heather Rockwood
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Diversify holiday meals with dishes from around the world

Join our food columnist as she figuratively sets sail around the globe to experience other culture’s traditional December feasts.

Perfect your Christmas caroling with a little help from the leek

As caroling season approaches, leeks conveniently reach the peak of their season and offer the prime opportunity for the hungry and musically inept to register this old ruler’s words with reality.

Spice up Thanksgiving dinner with a little help from the ‘bounceberry’

This holiday season, as the family gathers for the holiday tradition of Thanksgiving, your loved ones will be ever grateful for the tantalizing flavor that dances on the tips of their tongues as they savor the North American native cranberry atop their turkey.

Paging Doctor Carrot, Doctor Carrot

“Eh…what’s up, doc?” The famous words of one very popular bunny unintentionally give a quick peek into the life of the bright orange carrot Bugs is always seen munching away on.

Winter weather brings Chinese gooseberry to the table

The sweet, tart and anything but ordinary California-grown kiwifruit — also known as a Chinese gooseberry — comes into season early November having captured the very light of the golden California summer sun.

Fennel incorporates vegetables with sweetness

I know what you are thinking — why risk putting a vegetable in cookies? But I say have faith in the mighty fennel, as it is no ordinary vegetable.

Don’t just carve a pumpkin this Halloween — make something delicious

This Halloween, don’t just carve into your pumpkin; dig in and make a hauntingly good treat.

Artichokes: the real edible flowers

Edible flowers — when people hear these words they think of sweet delicate flowers on top of wedding and anniversary cakes.

The almighty apple — at the ‘peak of its season’

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Stop Starving Student Syndrome

If you are anything like the typical college student, you just enjoyed a restful summer vacation back home with a delicious home-cooked meal every night of the week. Now, as you return to Cal Poly, more than likely you will be faced with 10 weeks of Starving Student Syndrome (SSS).