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SLOlio, a gathering of true stories and community

Humans have been gathering to tell stories since the dawn of time. From campfires to dinner parties, the art of storytelling has been transformed from explaining why things are the way they are to personal experiences that have shaped the person you are.

BravoSLO! previews this season’s events at PAC

Courtesy Photo BravoSLO!, a performing arts showcase featuring performances by Cal Poly and community art groups, will be held on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. “The great thing about BravoSLO! is not only do people get to come…

SLOlio at Linnaea’s: a new kind of open mic

If you associate the words “story time” with your mom tucking you into bed with a warm glass of milk and reading “Goodnight Moon,” then Linnaea’s Cafe monthly SLOlio storytelling event might blow your mind. It’s a whole new experience that relates to a sense of community, honesty and universal experience.

Three years later, SLODOCO continues to thrive

When Jacob and Jessie Pickering set out to open a doughnut shop, they knew they wanted to do things differently. Jessie’s family had been in the doughnut business for quite some time, but she didn’t want to follow in her family’s footsteps exactly.

Food trucks roll onto SLO streets with fresh, mobile cuisine

The Central Coast may be known for wineries, agriculture, fine dining and farmer’s markets, but the burgeoning industry of food trucks takes all of these components and makes them mobile.

Putting the art back into technical disciplines

A paintbrush and a microscope. A blank canvas and an empty microscope slide. A rush of inspiration and the excitement of a newfound discovery. These are the tools that professionals in both the art and science fields use to solve similar problems, albeit in very different ways.

Blue Scholars get personal with Cal Poly

MC Geologic and DJ Sabzi hopped over the half wall and onto the stage to face a small but excited audience, setting the casual, chill atmosphere for the whole night.

Jimmy Eat World rocks the stage

Twenty years of music in two hours. Sound impossible? Not for the veteran musicians of Jimmy Eat World. Band members Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Zach Lind and Rick Burch were up for the challenge and delivered on some of their biggest hits at SLO Brewing Co. this past Tuesday night.

Jimmy Eat World to play SLO Brew tomorrow night

Not many bands can say they have known each other since preschool and grade school. With eight albums, 20 years and many tours under its belt, Jimmy Eat World is a veteran band that consistently makes relevant music. What’s its secret? Jimmy Eat World guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Linton believes it is because of the bond they have as a band.

Pageantry 101: From tomboy to pageant princess

Agricultural education and communication senior Elida Moore had no idea what she was signing up for when she agreed to be a part of Miss California Mid-State Fair this past summer. A self-proclaimed tomboy, Moore had shown animals at the fair before, but had never stepped out of the Livestock Pavilion arena and onto the more glamorous setting of the pageant stage.

No Money, No Problem: Maximize your student discounts

You have grown up hearing about the “broke college student.” But now that you are on your own without mom or dad’s wallet conveniently close by, the stereotype has quickly become a reality. Luckily for students, businesses in San Luis Obispo want to help.