The drawback of 'spreading democracy'

You walk into an ice cream parlor and order a scoop of your favorite flavor, strawberry.

Focus should now shift to Pakistan

In the aftermath of bin Laden’s death, our government has discovered some facts that are implicating the Pakistani government was in cahoots with bin Laden.

For added airport security, U.S. should take pointers from abroad

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s underwear bomb failed to detonate properly on Christmas day, but the intended damage was done. Thankfully, Umar failed to kill the nearly 300 people on Northwest Airlines Flight 253.

Sept. 11 mastermind should not be unfairly tried on U.S. soil

I’m all for trying these men for the crimes they claimed to have committed, but it would be a mistake to try them in civilian court, only a short walk away from Ground Zero.