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A Numbers Game: What Statistics Can Say About Cal Poly Baseball

After the popularity of the book-turned-film “Moneyball,” the term “sabermetrics” became a household name for anyone involved with baseball. Fans, journalists and people who work in athletics have turned to the world of statistics for interesting and meaningful insights into the sports they love so much. Advanced metrics aren’t just for baseball clubs anymore. From […]

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“We play a lot, we win a lot”: Women in sports reflect on role models and fighting for recognition

At Cal Poly, women’s sports dominate the headlines with undefeated starts, national rankings, and no-hitters. Here’s what some of Cal Poly’s top athletes have to say about their female role models and how the NCAA treats women’s sports.  For Women’s Basketball sophomore point guard and Australian native Abbey Ellis, one of her most inspiring moments […]

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Dorm life during COVID-19 as a Cal Poly student athlete

Before COVID-19, every Cal Poly freshman was required to share a dorm room with another student. However, students this year lives alone in their respective rooms.  Almost every Cal Poly freshman student-athlete has been assigned their own dorm room in the yakʔitʸutʸu residence halls, according to freshman guard Camren Pierce from Men’s Basketball.  “This dorm […]

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“So many people didn’t have access to equipment”: How these fall sports adapted to practices during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Cal Poly’s student-athletes to adapt — from restrictions on how and where teams can practice to the personnel allowed at training. The Mustangs hope to maintain some sense of normalcy, and several Cal Poly athletes and staff spoke about how they have adjusted to training while accounting for safety. 

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Cal Poly Athletics Director says NCAA ruling on book stipends case is a “sad day for the NCAA”

Cal Poly Athletics Director Don Oberhelman is speaking out following a NCAA decision to punish Cal Poly Athletics for misallocating textbook scholarships, saying the ruling “further exposes the hypocrisy of the NCAA.” “This should never happen to a student,” Oberhelman said. “The very reason the NCAA exists is to help protect the rights of student […]



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