A “Skinny Dip” infused with a hilarious dose of danger

Jamaican pot, attempted murder, lies, sex and blackmail. Carl Hiaasen’s “Skinny Dip” covers all of this and more, offering a perfect combination of high comedy and subtle social commentary.

Elegance is personified in French novel

Elegant. What images immediately spring to mind? Probably something along the lines of stately architecture or a high-class garment. A hedgehog, however, is not usually on this list.

Love’s history is boundless

“The History of Love” is an ambitious title. It promises to be all-encompassing, thoughtful, wise, charming, inquisitive, comforting and not to be trite, insignificant, dishonest or insincere.

Quirky wedding tale is pleasantly offbeat and unexpected

Nicholas Weinstock’s “As Long as She Needs Me” is an engaging read on the nature of what it means to put your job before your own life and when it’s time to switch up your priorities.

“Chasing Harry Winston” is a wild goose chase

Love, sex, money, heartbreak, travel and friendship. What more could you ask from a chick-lit novel?

“The Finishing Touches” is a perfectly put together treat

Pearls, twinsets and proper English etiquette. These are probably some of the farthest things from most of our minds.