Vagina Monologues celebrates women, empowerment

This past Friday — the show’s premiere — wasn’t just Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating another type of V-Day

Listen, ponder, laugh and learn about an infamous part of the female body — the vagina — with Cal Poly’s upcoming performance of “The Vagina Monolouges.” The award-winning fundraiser play, written by women’s-rights activist and author Eve Ensler, will be performed Feb.…

Vagina Monologues returns to Cal Poly for eighth time

The monologues that have swept the stage internationally for more than 10 years return to the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center this weekend. The award-winning Vagina Monologues is back at Cal Poly for the eighth year in a row to…

Vagina Monologues covers uncomfortable topics

Author and activist Eve Ensler created the Vagina Monologues 10 years ago after performing hundreds of interviews with women all over the world about intimacy.