Firestone Walker: Tapping the local market

There’s no better time to brew beer — at least not according to Matt Brynildson, brewmaster at Firestone Walker Brewing Company.

Something’s brewing: The person behind the beer

As we mentioned in this past week’s debut column, our goal is to entertain and inform. This week, we divulge into the world of different types of beer and what makes them unique. On top of that, do you ever wonder what type of person your beer would be?

Something’s brewing

Drinking beer used to mean picking up a 30 of Natty and playing countless drinking games, finding any excuse to throw back those piss-flavored beverages. It was a simple life of blissful beer ignorance.

The glorious IPA (Thank you, hops)

Similar to many beer drinkers before me, the first time I had a sip of beer I spit it out and said, “This tastes like crap!” But I “struggled” through and am now very glad I did.